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  • Poland is a social intersection of Western & Eastern Europe. Poland has been a country survivor since the establishment of more than 1000 years back. Today Poland has become biggest European states & standout as most crowded compare to other European countries.
  • Poland is a member of the European Union. It joined in 2017. People in the Schengen area can travel bother free between the nations from Portugal to Poland & from Greece to Finland.
  • Poland’s geographical locations make it one of the central positions. Poland’s border on river bug became the EU’s eastern border. Therefore, it attracts foreign investments from countries like USA & Asia. Due to such activities, Poland forecast a huge number of immigrants coming in.
  • To attract foreign students, Poland universities participate in the student exchange program. In result, student mobility is majorly increasing in Poland.
  • Poland’s educational institutions are increasing & expanding since last 12 years. Millions of youngsters are attracted to courses taking like engineering & IT courses.
  • Poland’s education history belongs to the 14th century. Some of the universities are quite old. The present polish universities proceed with the eminent conventions of their experiences.
  • Almost every university offers English taught courses in subjects like medicine, engineering, business & finance & humanities.
  • With top-quality, globally recognized degrees, no other province on the planet can set your profession off to such a promising start.

Working in Poland

  • As a student, working in Poland is easy. The wages are also pleasing & increment efficiently. Working in Poland during your studies depends to which nation you belong. EU citizens are qualified to work in Poland without a work permit. Whereas NON-EU citizen must apply for a long-term visa. The visa is no longer valid than 12 months.
  • According to the Manpower survey of 2017, there is a huge demand for skilled trade workers In Poland- healthcare, hospitality, IT are among sectors welcoming workers to secure the job. Poland’s increasing employment makes it one of the largest economies in EU. It has the largest BPO in Europe.
  • To help you with careers available in Poland, visit the site:


  • It is mandatory for you like students to have health insurance during your studies. Residents of different nations must buy commercial insurance policy covering healthcare cost. To approach for policy, you must submit your college offer letter, ID card, Passport & temporary resident certificate. More information, visit


  • The cost of study in Poland is between 2000-5000 euro a year. Scholarships are available to both EU/NON-EU students. For bachelors study, students get 850 PLN/ per month and for master studies, students get 1270 PLN/ per month.

7 Reasons to study in Poland

  • High-quality education
    Polish education tradition is going on since the 14th century. Till now, 10 noble prizes were awarded to a polish artist, scientist & other public figures like Maria Sklodowska curie is one of the only four laureates to receive a prize twice. Over 80% of the polish universities have an outstanding & good ranking.
  • Studying in Poland will offer you a European degree at a Low cost
    The cost of living is only between 200-500 euro a month which covers accommodation, food & transport. The average rate of fees is 2000-5000 a year.
  • Choosing Poland as your study purpose, you do not just go for a Wide variety of specialization; you also get a chance to join the best
  • Poland turned into the leader of EU making the nation’s economy more grounded and opening wide approach to speculation and work.
  • The geographical positioning of Poland makes it interesting. It takes only 2 hours to visit Rome, Oslo, London & Moscow.
  • Poland is a safe country. There is the lowest crime ratio in Europe.
  • Poland’s Universities are among the oldest tradition in Europe. The first University was set in 1364.
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