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Why Mechanical Engineering is good in Germany?

Mechanical engineering degree in Germany gives a bright future to a student. Germany’s engineering industry sector has more than 6000 companies under it and which has more than 9 laces employee workforce. The revenue that is being generated more than 200 Euro billion which is like a second largest industrial sector in the country.

It is beneficial to do your mechanical from Germany because it has a strong hold on the engineering field due to their researches, patents and industries. Germany holds more than 60,000 patent and some of the well known companies like BMW, Audi, BASF & Lufthansa etc. are the example of Germany’s innovation. The county has the highest number of engineers and still, they are hiring more & more. The most vacancies are in the cities like Hamburg, Berlin, Munich & Stuttgart.

The German government has also been supporting students with their job perspectives like they are offering 1.5 years of job seeking Visa. In this period, students can find a job according to their interest and can also do their part-time work permit.

Germany is one of the countries which have the strongest economy compare to other European countries. If you select Germany, you are going to learn about a lot of skills, especially German language skills. Another big advantage is you can cover your personal expense other than being dependent on your parents. A month you can earn at least 500-600 Euro if you work part-time. (According to Government rules and regulations, you can earn at least 8.20 Euro per hour.)

Germany in terms of its education system has included more practical base than just book learning. The most universities have industry field learning & classroom study equally & that too with stipends. According to our knowledge, the real learning happens in the field only. In Germany, your bachelors in a mechanical lead to any specialization for your Masters and it followed by Ph.D. The projects which you are doing into respective degrees are sometimes not the project but they are industries sponsored & are done with advanced equipment in the labs.

The science field has emerged in the country in that way that it attracts thousands of the students to apply for an engineering program in Germany. Germans people described as “Ganz organisiert”- which means completely organized. These are very useful skills for an engineer to have.

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