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My today’s topic is a very strange still interesting topic especially for all those desirous of having a Bachelor’s degree be it any field in Germany.  Yes, I am sure each one of you over there would be eager to know about the topic.  So not wasting much of time I am directly coming to the topic which is none other than STUDIENKOLLEG AND FESTSTELLENGSPRUFUNG  abbreviated as FSP.

Now I am sure each of you would look into each other’s face in order to know as to what exactly those above words mean.  Some may even start their search in dictionaries in order to find out the meaning of the above words and the importance of it for one’s further studies.  Some may feel that these words are also German and wait to know more and read further.

So, now what does STUDIENKOLLEG exactly stand for?  Why it is necessary and what is FSP?  At first, Studienkolleg is a one-year preparatory course for foreign students who want to study in Germany.  It acts as a bridge to help one adjust from the academic culture of one’s home country to that of Germany.

These courses prepare applicants for the content and language aspects of their degree course in Germany.  These preparatory courses are offered for various subjects and they end with FSP which is an exam taken to assess as to how suited foreign study applicants are for starting a degree at a German University.

Now it is also possible to do FSP externally without taking Studienkolleg but for this one will have to prepare for FSP themselves.

Overall, there are five different types of Studienkolleg courses.  The subjects taught on these courses vary according to the subject field like:

  • G course- stands for humanities subjects.
  • S course-stands for language subjects.
  • W course- stands for Social Science and Economics subjects
  • T course- stands for technical or scientific subjects and also Mathematics
  • M course- stands for Medicine or Biology subjects.

Studienkolleg courses do not cover all courses and are not offered by all universities like in German countries of Brandenburg and Nordrhien-Westfalen (North Rhine-Westphalia), Studienkolleg is generally not offered. Most degree subjects belong to one domain but in some German universities some subjects belong to more than one domain like subject Psychology is seen by some universities as a humanities subject whereas by some as a medicine subject.  So, it is necessary for one to confirm as to where his subject stands before selecting his Studienkolleg.

Studienkollegs are designed to prepare participants linguistically as well as content-wise for their degrees so the courses will always be taught in German.  As soon as one passes FSP it is taken by any university in Germany as proof that one has sufficient German language skills for his/her degree course.  It is comparable with DSH examination which is necessary for any candidate desirous of getting a degree in Germany.

Since Studienkolleg is taught purely in German, it is necessary for one to know German at least up to B1 level.  Before entering into Studienkolleg also one has to complete an entrance exam testing one’s command of German language and also a basic level of knowledge in one’s chosen subject.

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