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Improve your Resume Branding for applying into German Universities

In India, many private and the public universities admission decision is based on GPA scores and other entrance exam test scores, but the resume is of no importance, even if submitted, it is for formality and not even being read. But for German universities which take admission decision on reviewing the complete profile, the resume is one of the critical parts for them.

The total documentation of student includes a statement of purpose, letter of motivation and resume which shows the personality of the student outside the classroom and demonstrate their passion and interest.

What is resume branding?

Writing about yourself objectively, especially when you are thinking about how you can be an asset is definitely a puzzle. Resume branding is all about what you want to be known for and what people seek for you. You don’t become the perfect profile for someone to choose unless you help people to see you and analyze you thoroughly.

In your student Resume, you list out about your 

  • Goal
  • Personal information
  • Education qualification
  • Achievements
  • Interest and hobbies

What unique? What extra we can add?

When you are applying for your Bachelors/ Masters program in Germany, universities requirements are there to be fulfilled. Suppose you are applying for your Bachelors in Mechanical engineering, for entering into good universities, you need GRE, JEE or other attempted tests. Here you need to understand that getting good scores is not only what is considered, but also your participation in other tests & activities. The more you prove yourself better in doing something extra other than what is asked for, the more you penetrate yourself for selection.

German universities expectations from the students enrolling at German universities, the “extra” things that are earlier mentioned can be:

  • Your German language skills
  • Your extra-curricular activities
  • Your industrial work experiences
  • Any IT course or other courses certification
  • Other foreign language knowledge
  • Entrances examination completion certificates like GRE, IELTS, TOFEL, SAT, GMAT, JEE ADVANCE & MAIN etc
  • Projects and thesis (If any)

If you are currently thinking about applying for further studies in Germany, make sure the requirements and also take care of the “gaps” if it is there just to ensure the universities that you are proactive about your continuous learning. And make sure what you include in your resume is relevant to your future career goals.

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