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How to choose right kind of German University for admission in Germany?

How to choose right kind of German University for admission in Germany?

With regards to an idea of studying abroad, it’s important to note down a couple of things before you apply. What generally students do when it comes to choosing their university is they actually look for the university positioning. Some students check upon CHE ranking as well & choose their objective. After then they demonstrate the courses which are available in the university & then apply in any of them even if they have mere interest to get their degree in the course. The ranking is important to see in some cases for sure yet need must be given to the course intrigue. In Germany, there more than 500 universities, more than 18000 courses accessible. The question is which course & university is an idol for you? How will you figure it out?

To bail you out with the selection process, you need to keep some points in the head:

1. Course selection

Choose your course very wisely. It is imperative to note down the list of your interest for the course and afterward apply for it. You can look for similar courses related to your current degree or also you can choose combination courses. Assume you have done bachelors in IT then you can go for management with IT courses. These type combination courses will help you to score on two things at one time.

2. List down university according to your course selection list

When you settle with your course determination, you then shift through universities where a course of your choice is available. Look at the course structure of different universities and rundown down the most reasonable college for you.

3. Check eligibility criteria 

Most essential point- Always check the university eligibility criteria before you apply. For instance, when you check upon DAAD website (German university database) for your courses and university, they have specified admission prerequisite. If you match to the admission requirement or at least fulfill the minimum criteria which they have mentioned. There are high chances to get admission.

4. Regular follow up

Take regular follow up of universities in which you have already applied. Check your emails regularly so you don’t miss out of any important communication with the university.

Important suggestions:

  • Check for which intake your considerate university has opened the dates. If it is opening in next to next intake & you are looking for the current intake university, it is important to filter out current universities.
  • When you are looking at admission requirement, observe the minimum & maximum criteria & understand the thin line you want to get admission for the particular course & you’re required to build your profile. Make sure you add something more to your profile to higher your chances of admission.
  • Do not just follow the DAAD website but also visit the university website. Sometimes the information is not updated on the DAAD website. It is better to check in both ways. It can be possible that a university has releases new course or updates in admission requirement.

The bottom line:

The correct approach to begin your abroad education is first to choose your field & then choose the country which has better prospects for your chosen field & then hunts for the University of your Convenient. This way you can sure get a successful result.

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