Czech Visa Process


Student from nations outside the EU need to swing to the neighborhood Czech international safe haven or office and apply for an understudy visa. It would be ideal if you take note of, that the entire methodology requires some printed material and can take up to 60 days, so it is prescribed to apply for the visa well ahead of time. The controls for getting visas change every now and then, so the data recorded here ought to be considered as rules as it were. You ought to dependably counsel your neighborhood Czech government office or department or check the site of the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic for the most recent data with respect to visa necessities.

There are short-term visa (for stays up to 90 days) and long term visa (for remains more than 90 days). Understudies touching base for a period longer than one year ought to apply for a long term resident permit for study purposes.

The following documents are principally required for getting an understudy visa or residences allow:

  1. Application form
  2. Letter of acknowledgment for studies
  3. Substantial travel permits and visa photographs
  4. You should present your unique international ID with a legitimacy surpassing the expected remain by no less than 3 months with no less than 2 clear pages.
  5. In the event that you require your travel permit amid the handling time, than the visa can be come back to you.
  6. The international ID must be resubmitted toward the finish of the application procedure for the issuance of the visa after the Embassy has gotten the endorsement from the Czech specialists.
  7. Confirmation of money related assets for the stay (e.g. as a ledger explanation or affirmation of being recipient of a give)
  8. A duplicate of a credit/debit card (Visa, Master card…) held in your name with a legitimacy for in any event the span of your stay in the Czech Republic + credit/debit card unique bank explanation (or a unique letter from the manage an account with an authenticated interpretation into Czech). If there should be an occurrence of web saving money printouts, a bank stamp affirming the genuineness is asked. You may cover the credit card number before you make a duplicate of item yet don’t cover the legitimacy. It isn’t important to present a duplicate of the two sides of the card. A duplicate of the front side is adequate. Or
  9. A letter from a host or support affirming the help of the candidate amid his or her stay in the Czech Republic. It must be a unique report with a legally approved mark and gave an official interpretation in the Czech language. Illustration: A parental letter affirming the money related circumstance of the student must be converted into the Czech language and authorized. Such letter must be joined by a bank articulation of the parent (unique or printout stamped by the bank). The understudy must give evidence of attracting stores while the Czech Republic, for instance responsibility for saving money card connected to this record.
  10. An understudy as of now getting a scholarship must give an affirmation of such scholarship.
  11. *Generally, the base measure of monetary assets required for a man more than 18 years old is 30 300 CZK for 1 month of stay + 4040 CZK for every entire month of expected remain. So for a 4 month stay it would be 30 300 +16 160 = 46 460 CZK (roughly 1579 GBP, the sum in GBP relies upon the rate CZK/GBP). People more youthful than 18 years present a proof of budgetary means measuring up to a half of the required sum.
  12. Document confirming the purpose of stay
  13. The first or a duplicate (legally approved by a Czech public accountant) of a report confirming acknowledgment into study program in the Czech Republic issued by a Czech college or school. This record must be in the Czech language.
  14. Confirmation of guaranteed accommodation
  15. The first or a duplicate (legally approved by a Czech legal official) of a record issued by a Czech college or school affirming settlement for the span of your examinations – this report must be in the Czech language.
  16. On the off chance that you are remaining in private lodging, the first proclamation from the proprietor of an apartment/house expressing his/her capacity and readiness to give convenience (signature must be authorized by a Czech public accountant).
  17. In the event that you are renting a flat/house, the first or an authorized duplicate of the rent contract.
  18. In the event that you are subletting, the first or an authenticated duplicate of the rent contract and an oath marked by the proprietor affirming the sublet (signature must be legally approved by a Czech public accountant).
  19. Valid international health insurance
  20. Abstract from the Register of Criminal Records
  21. Concentrate from the Criminal Register of the nation of your citizenship.
  22. What’s more, on the off chance that you have lived in any nation for a half year or longer in the past three years, you are required to present a Criminal History Background issued by that nation.
  23. It must be properly confirmed (Apostille)
  24. It would be ideal if you take note of that a few records (e.g. the conceptual from the Register of Criminal Records) must be converted into Czech language by an interpreter with an authority rubber stamp.
  25. The Foreign Police looks at the visa applications and tells the Czech embassy or consulate issue the visa.
  26. Enrollment at the Foreign Police Department is necessary for every single foreign nationals staying in the Czech Republic for over 30 days. They should register inside 3 days from the date of entry to the nation.
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