Czech Accommodation Cost of


You have a few choices for organizing settlement while contemplating in the Czech Republic. A few colleges give understudy residences or you can orchestrate your own particular lodging on a private level. The expenses will rely upon the area and nature of the settlement.

Student Hostel

Most colleges in the Czech Republic offer understudy the likelihood of being suited in quarters. Single rooms are uncommon, so you will most likely offer the stay with a flatmate. The settlement is generally condo sort, comprising of two twin rooms with a mutual kitchenette, shower, and can. Rooms are typically outfitted with all essential furniture things (bed, work area, seat, and retires). Kitchens are furnished with a cooker, fridge, running water and fundamental kitchen furniture. The rest, similar to blinds, floor coverings, covers, cushions, cleaning hardware, dishes, water boilers, toasters etc., is up to the understudy. Costs change however a normal month to month expense is around 120 EUR every month in the stay with flatmates (generally two individuals living in one room).
Data about this sort of settlement can be discovered either by means of the Department of International Relations or by means of the college’s site. You will either have the capacity to save a room independent from anyone else or will be given additional data by the program organizer at the college where you will study.
Living in quarters is an incredible approach to become acquainted with other individuals and offer your experience, as you will meet plenty of understudies from different foundations.

Private accommodation

A student can likewise locate their own private settlement, for the most part, either a room in a shared flat or flat. It is normal for a universal student to share greater flats, particularly in the downtown area. This is a decent choice to take after you have settled in and feel comfortable around here. Possess lodging has the benefit of picking your level mates and the range.
Costs rely upon size, area and the gear of the level. The lease is around 500-800 EUR every month for a 2– 3 bedroom flat. A room at a private level will cost around 250 EUR every month. Be set up to pay a deposit also. It will become back to you upon your flight, given that the convenience is left in satisfactory condition.
Private rooms or pads can be found through daily paper promotions, sites or land offices. Remember to observe the notice sheets in the college fabricating as well. You can likewise check the accompanying sites to look for private apartments.

Websites for find accommodation


The costs can fluctuate impressively relying upon where you stay. The normal living expenses of understudies go from 350-750 USD/month, incl. dinners, accommodation, open transport, and culture.

Food and Drinks

Lunch at a canteen around 50 CZK/2.5 UDS
Pizza in a pizzeria from 110 CZK/5.5 USD
Restaurant meal from 130 CZK/6.5 USD
Beer at a bar around 30 CZK/1.5 USD
Dairy items 10– 30 CZK/0.6– 2 USD
A piece of bread from 20 CZK/1 USD
1 kg of meat (chicken) from 100 CZK/5 USD
1 kg of apples 40– 60 CZK/2– 3 USD
1.5 l of mineral water around 15 CZK/0.7 USD


Film ticket 100– 200 CZK/5– 10 USD
Theater ticket 100– 500 CZK/5– 25 USD
Gallery admission from 40 CZK/2 USD

The ISIC (International Student Identity Card) card is the best card for all understudies. It enables cardholders to get student discount for transport, restaurant, films, galleries, shows, and concerts. In central, understudies going to the Czech Republic ought to acquire an ISIC card at their home college or in their nation of origin. It is additionally conceivable to apply for the ISIC card on official sites:

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