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Why I love a European MBA (and you should too?): A quick guide to the MBA in Europe

I met a guy 1 year ago. His name was Amit. He met me at a conference, which was held for Europe studies and programs. He was looking very keen to know something. I assisted him for the career options he was looking for.

He told me about his parents not liking an idea to do an MBA in Europe instead of getting in American countries. He was telling me about that he wanted to choose something different and doesn’t want to walk on other footsteps. He shared his idea to study an MBA in Europe.  And I really appreciated that not because still many students don’t know that there is an end number of perks to doing MBA in Europe.

Well as an IEA (international education advisory), I told him some great facts about why MBA in Europe is good for him to earn his bread and butter.

Just like Amit, maybe you all have the same questions as who goes to do MBA in Europe instead of USA or Canada.

The logic of European MBA is Simple and freaking good.

Logic 1:  The European countries gives a good deal on having your MBA in many types like Full Time/Part Time MBA, Online MBA, Distance learning MBA, executive MBA or Joint MBA.

Logic 2: MBA for us means making unique presentations and reading the case studies- but here, the MBA is more a concept of personal development.

Logic 3: Doing MBA not here not only increases your technical knowledge but also increases your network in and around countries.

These are some major points that you should consider when doing MBA in Abroad.

Some of the popular destinations are Italy, Germany, Netherlands and Spain.

  • ESMT Berlin, Germany
  • Mannheim business school, Germany
  • SDA Bocconi School of management, Italy
  • Maastricht University school of management
  • Kozminski University business school, Poland
  • ESADE business school, Spain
  • IE business school, Spain

These universities/ business schools are powerful in Europe to give you a dignified management degree. You can go through their curriculum and you will find uniqueness in way of their teaching.

The European MBA can make you meet with world’s technology and innovation and make you a part of some of the best European startup groups. By this mean, many universities and colleges offer students to innovate their idea into practice and start an entrepreneur journey by joining start up groups.

European MBA focuses on your soft skills rather than explaining more on the technical side of topics.

Students in Europe are currently getting an amazing opportunity to meet some of the big business leaders to share their doubts and motivate them for the next adventure.

Get your study ready with amazing B schools in European cities and explore the endless knowledge.

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