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What is MME program- specific guide

What is MME program- specific guide

Engineering graduates with understanding the concept of art and management have demand in today’s industrial world. The masters of Science in production engineering or renewable energy or mechanical engineering is now conducted with a combination of management subjects that only increase your skills in practical but also your management skills

Let’s first understand. What exactly MME is….

The full-form of MME program is masters of engineering management. So guys if you are confused between doing an MBA program or MS program- MME program stands a great opportunity for your industrial scope.

The MEM program is cheaper than doing MBA abroad as well as it is like gaining two goals at one shot.

This is the diagram to make you understand nicely. The MEM program is divided into three major aspects:

  1. Management
  2. Technology
  3. Applied engineering

So to merge into good combinations, European universities introduced unique programs such as technology management, engineering management & engineering technology.

The main objective of the course is to offer a methodological and problem-oriented education which is related to research as well as to practice. The program will cover advanced topics in the areas of engineering, science, and economics.

Masters of management engineering course has many specializations you can go with.

  1. in management & engineering in technology, innovation, marketing & entrepreneurship (MME-TIME)
  2. management & engineering in design concepts & structural engineering of industrial facilities (MME-CONSTRUCT)
  3. management & engineering in water (MME-WATER)
  4. management & engineering in the electrical power system (MME-EPS)
  5. management & engineering in computer aided mechanical engineering (MME-CAME)
  6. in management & engineering in the production system (MME-PS)

Here I would like to share RWTH Aachen, Germany program structure:


  • Study format: M.Sc. Degree Program
  • Duration: 2 years (4 semesters)
  • Credit points: 120 ECTS
  • Qualification: M.Sc. (RWTH)
  • Language: English
  • Course fee: vary according to universities

Requirements for MME course admission:

  • Bachelor of Engineering or Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering or a related discipline, such as automotive, aerospace or energy engineering, manufacturing, structural, industrial, or production engineering, awarded by an internationally recognized university-level institution
  • Fundamental knowledge in the following subjects: mechanics, material science, thermodynamics, machine design, informatics, mathematics, physics, fluid mechanics, automatic control, finite elements, modeling, the theory of vibrations, manufacturing engineering, CAD
  • IELTS test minimum overall band 5.5 pts

European universities providing MME course:

The program is available in many European countries like Germany, UK, London, Netherlands & Finland. The course is available in English in Germany and some of the top universities in Germany are providing such courses.

Engineering management careers:

Due to immense knowledge, skills & techniques, you will gain during your course, you can expect relevant positions within diverse sectors.

Engineering manager:

This role includes overseeing projects, involvement in research, product design, development and launches etc.  You will need to handle your project budgets, financing, conceptualization to go to market strategy of product. You will employ your analytical skills as well as technical skills to demonstrate the products.

Engineering management consultancy:

Companies who cannot afford to hire engineering manager in-house hires an engineering management consultancy. The consultancy provides guidance on strategic development, improvement, optimization, implementation, analysis and evaluation of integrated systems within engineering.

Engineering management is taught through a combination of systems such as lectures, case studies, workshops, laboratory based practical classes, engineering design activities & project work.

You will be able to use numerous 3D modeling software, applications, and quality assessments. You will be able to take upon R&D projects associated with the universities you choose in sectors like automotive, aerospace, electronics, consumer goods & manufacturing locally or abroad.

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