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How to write your recommendation letter when applying for study abroad?

How to write your recommendation letter when applying for study abroad?

20 seconds introduction:

In major foreign universities, they ask for the letter of recommendations. It is pleasant for you to get recommended by your professors but it is as much as vital for you to give the third impression of your academic profile. After all, LORs carry significant weight to your case. Depending on the course you apply for, recommenders would differ so as the format of LORs.

Let’s catch out easiest ways to carry out your LOR for easy admission process.

Purpose of preparing your LOR:

The purpose is simple. Your profile needs to be said well by your recommenders under whom you have performed numerous achievements. LORs are generally being written for two main purposes: Academic or Job.

The letter illuminates the validity of the student’s specific skills in their picked subjects/course. It generally focuses on student’s skill sets, experiences, participation in activities, projects are done and class behavior.

Approach your professors for LORs in the right way:

To build your candidature strong front of university representative, you need to approach your professor in an ideal way. You can write an email to request them for their contribution. You are required to attach your CV including all your academic details, projects done etc so that they can screen your data before you meet them personally for the same purpose.

Keep in mind students! Choose your references wisely because a negative LOR can give a wrong impact on the third person.

Ask politely to your professors providing specific details to mention in your letter. You will receive positive response consequently.

Sending the letter:

Some universities will ask to directly send them a recommendation letter by the professor or upload the LOR to their web system. You are required to attach PDF format or Microsoft word document with a proper file name. Like ex. Parag Shah_LOR 1.

If you are mailing the letter to University, you need to give proper salutation (ex. Mr., Mrs., Ms., Respected etc.). Attach the file to the mail properly & take future follow-ups with your admission process.👍👍

Quick Tip:

  1. Brainstorm who to ask
  2. Choose 3 professors
  3. Contact them & discuss
  4. Ask them for a strong letter.

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