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How to write SOP?

How to write SOP?

One look on the above topic and the first thing which strikes the mind is What the hell is a Sop?  Why can’t we get our admission into the University of our Choice without a sop?  Why is a Sop so very important?  The answer to the entire above question lies in the fact that one really has to know as to what exactly and Sop means.  When one is clear about the meaning of Sop then all the above questions will automatically vanish.  So what is a Sop?  Sop as the word in short itself says is one’s own STATEMENT OF PURPOSE.  Now, what is this statement of purpose?  It is nothing but what one has in mind when he plans to go to another country or place be it for study or as a tourist.

A Sop is important since in a Sop one clearly mentions his intentions of visiting or going to another country or place.  His purpose of, aims for wanting to visit or stay in another country or place.  Unless all of these are mentioned in the most appropriate manner an individual cannot find himself in an alien land since each and every country would and has the right to know the purpose of an individual’s visit to that country.

Now I would like to brief you as to how SOP is written. The SOP should always be remembered should neither be less than one page nor more than two pages since they are facts of one’s which is clearly being written as Sop.  The first para should always start with one’s introduction followed by one’s interests and capabilities which should be followed by the purpose of your visit followed by the importance of the country where one intends to stay or visit and a brief conclusion.  Nothing more or less.  It should just be a mirror image of oneself

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