Ship Engineering

Ship Engineering Course in Germany

The study of Ship Engineering and maritime technology in the Bachelor's degree has limited seats and which is applicable only in the winter semester. After the deduction of the so-called preliminary quotas (e.g. foreigners, hardship, second degrees quota) will represent 20% of places for admission according to grade point average (technical college or high school) and 20% of places on waiting time. The other 60% will be distributed according to a college selection rate. This also provides for an award by grade point average. Waiting time is counted from the date of college entrance or from the High School. The technical college (academic part) is sufficient without the proof of a related practice of activity. Only after the completing both parts an international student is eligible for the complete access to higher education.

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Ship Engineering Course:

University entrance qualification general qualification for university entrance (Abitur) or subject-specific university or general or technical college entrance (consisting of a school-based part and specialized practical part) or University aptitude test, Vocational higher education entrance qualifications in the form of further education (e.g. craftsmen)