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Marine Engineering in Germany

Marine Engineering is a career field for those who wish to design and build ships and other marine vessels, design, construction and maintenance of vehicles and structures used on or around water. Marine Engineering technology and techniques are used to create cruise ships, oil platforms and harbors. A bachelor's degree in Marine Engineering is the minimum requirement for career entry, and graduate programs in this field are also available.

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Marine Engineering Course :

A Graduate of a Master in Marine Technology will most likely specialize in of the several subjects or branches that the degree includes. These include, marine resources and aquaculture, cybernetics, hydrodynamics, operations, engineering and marine structures

Those interested in pursuing a career in marine engineering must complete a significant amount of education in science, technology and engineering. Bachelor's degree programs in marine engineering introduce students to basic concepts of marine propulsion, fluid dynamics and ship design. Master's and doctoral programs in the field cover advanced topics in materials science, managing engineering projects and electrical power system