Internship in Germany

A growing number of foreigners are admitted to internships in many different companies and organizations of Germany through our program. Internships in leading companies and organizations of the world will be the irreplaceable experience for your future career. Internship in Germany will broaden your information about the work environment, condition and state of this place.

  • Internship in Germany

What is an internship ?

By doing internship, you work in any company or organization in certain time period (it may vary from some days up to some months) Paid and non paid internships are available.

Being the most powerful country in Europe and the country with the third largest economy, Germany provides internship opportunities with its developing huge companies. By taking advantage of these opportunities PIGAS makes bridges between the interns and companies and assists in documentation and admission issues.

Medical internships

Medical internship is usually understood as a practice in clinics. Medical internships can be agreed to any time period and many clinics allow to work? They are mainly non-paid internships.

What you should know

Eligibility – Everyone can be intern regardless of his/her job and academic level.

The language of internship – Mainly, it is in English and German. There is also choice of Russian and Spanish.

Duration of internship changes from a week up to a year time period, it may be different depending on company and organization. Generally the requests of interns are taken into account.