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Electrical Engineering in Germany

Electrical Engineering deals with the study of computer science and engineering, electrical and electronics engineering, nanotechnology, signal processing, information and coding theory etc. basically it helps you to enhance your knowledge in developing new model for any electrical device to giant power stations for ex satellite communications. Electrical engineers can work on variety of modules creation like computers, mobile phone, robots, lightning and wiring in buildings and other kinds of electrical system surround us. One can see the development small kind of gadgets that we use on daily basis to the transformation of the technical knowledge with the use information technology in setting up giant communication systems.

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Electrical Engineering Course :

In Germany, the electrical industry consists of all kinds of small and mid size companies. The industry portfolio is huge and dynamic and generate one third of its revenue in creation of new products and systems. More than 1, 80,000 engineers work in German electrical industry. The electrical industry in Germany is the second large industry generating the revenues of 178 Euro billion in 2015. German companies have research competencies. Every year they invest approx 15 Euro Billion and offers employment for 8,45,000 experts in the field