Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering in Germany

Civil Engineering deals with planning, designing, construction & maintenance of infrastructures. It helps to reformat the existing monuments and infrastructure. It includes creation of roads, dams, buildings, power supplies and strong communication system. The study module of civil engineering includes training of planning and development expertise. In detail, it includes visual arts, designing, urban planning. The modern architecture study today in some German universities also includes environmental engineering, sustainability of construction and project management.

  • Civil Engineering Course in Germany

Civil Engineering Course Specialization

The specialization in civil engineering can also be done in the area of environmental engineering, transportation engineering, structural engineering, land development & geotechnical engineering. Civil engineering classes are delivered with medium of regular lectures, laboratory classes and practical test whereby they are being undertaken for testing their technical knowledge in live project. Undertaking civil engineering program will give you wide knowledge of designing, drafting and numeracy. It also enhances your problem solving skills and budgeting skills in project management.

There are many job opportunities in the field of civil engineering. A professional can work as safety engineer, project manager, geological engineer and high engineer. There are some other fields as well in which a civil engineer can opt the study like architecture, information technology, management and real estate.