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Automotive Engineering in Germany

Germany and automobile share a long history. In the end of 19th century when Carl Benz introduces the first automobile in the industry, the German automobile industry became the fourth largest producer of the automobile worldwide after Japan, China & USA. Automobile engineering course in Germany focuses on production and manufacturing, designing, construction engineering, motor and vehicle engineering, machine tools, factory planning & organization, motive power engineering, electro mobility, mechatronics, driving dynamics, aerodynamics & driver assistance systems.

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Automotive Engineering Course :

The automotive industry’s annual sales reached a record level in 2014 with about 368 billion Euros. This will continue with 2 percentage growth in coming years. The automotive parts were the most important exports in 2015. More than 75% of the car produced was exported. The demand for German cars has increased in Asian countries and china. Automotive industry spends more money on research and development than on any other German Industry. With some 93,000 people are employed in the area of R&D, around 10 patents each day is filed.