Architecture in Germany

Architecture is about art & science of designing buildings and structures. In detail, it is study of overall environment build up, urban planning & design at macro level to the landscape architecture planning at the micro level. Architecture is process of planning, designing and turning the form, space and ambience that reflect the day to day transactional activities.

One can learn to take safety measures so as not to harm the environment and avoid complex. Architecture is about selling an idea of design engineering which helps generating an attractive business profit.

  • Architecture in Germany

Architecture Engineering has main components to study:

1. Architectural engineering: emphasize on the engineering aspects of building design & construction process.

2. Environmental design: emphasize the integration f architecture with the environment to minimize the negative environmental impact.

3. Landscape architecture: it involves planning & designing of land and design of human made constructs. It includes the town planning and design, site planning, estate development, parks and recreation planning etc

Study of architecture in Germany starts from a 3 years bachelor program and 2 years of Master Program. Students will also get an opportunity to contribute the knowledge in the professor’s projects. This will enhance student knowledge and also will be able to increase their understating of technical concepts.