Accommodation for Students

Accommodation for Students

We can assist students coming to Germany for their accommodation needs.

For temporary stays, we can help you with hotel and hostel arrangement.

For longer stays, we can arrange student residences.

Mackwins Education will help you to find suitable accommodation in Germany near to your school and university. Here below we have tried to give some information about how to find accommodation in Germany and if you have more question regarding accommodation service you can directly contact with our office.

  • Accommodation For Students

If you’re looking in major universities cities like Munich, Cologne or Hamburg, you should allow yourself enough time to find a room in a WG. It’s best to start before you leave home. Start by searching the internet. Numerous portals give a good overview plus the opportunity to send an email directly to a WG.

There are different types of accommodation options are available in Germany for student. The kind of accommodation you ultimately decide on depends on your personal requirements and budget.

1. Student residences

You can rent the cheapest rooms or small apartments in student residences. Use our Accommodation-Finder database to find information on a large selection of student residences in Germany. Every university have their own student hostel so you have to apply prior for that. For more details about that you have contact with International office of your university.

2. Shared accommodation

The most popular form of accommodation among students is private shared accommodation, or “Wohngemeinschaften” (WGs) as they are known in German. The principle is that a flat is shared by several people. Each tenant has his or her own room while the bathroom and kitchen are used jointly.

3. Living in a shared flat (WG)

Private shared flats (called Wohngemeinschaften in German, or just WG) are probably the most popular form of accommodation. Several students look for a flat together and each has their own room, while sharing kitchen and bathroom. The occupants also share the rent. Depending on where you study, you should reckon with 150 to 350 Euros per month.

If you would like to use our accommodation assistance service, please contact us and we'll get in touch you for further details.